Terroirs exert its influence across different vintages, as a Mendoza’s Malbec study showed. Besides the vintage effect, some parcels can be correctly predicted independently of the year by using the phenolic profiles. Viticulturists are using new technology while keeping the heritage of the old vines. A whole new generation of Argentinean winemakers, along with the most traditional wineries, are creating some of the finest, highly rated, and most distinctive wines of the new world. Fresher, lighter, and more approachable wines have arisen, as well as silky, delicate, and elegant wines on the high-end. In conclusion, from light-bodied to full-bodied wines, Argentina has them all.

Mendoza's Vineyards

High-altitude desert benefits from plentiful daytime sun and cool dry nights. Wines from warm weather regions with consistent sunny days show less vintage variation over the years. However, high-end red wines from good vintages have the best opportunity to get better with age. Also, good vintages mean better value wines because a good harvest needs less work at the winery.

Best Vintages

Year 2013 experienced mostly cool dry weather that produced fresh wines with balanced tannins and lower alcohol levels. Higher acidity levels look well for both the aromatic potential and for the ageing of these wines. Great vintage for premium wines.

Year 2015 was cool and wet, an irregular harvest that was best for whites and light-bodied red wines. Moderate temperatures provided ideal conditions for Pinot Noir, which prefers intermediate climates with long growing seasons.

Year 2017 was considered a classic Mendoza vintage, a return to typical dry weather. Intensely flavoured and coloured grapes, but yields were low due to a spring frost, producing excellent quality and low volume. Hidden gems in this vintage.

Year 2018 and 2019 compensated for 2017’s shortage, bringing nearly ideal growing conditions with no rain in summer, warm days and cool nights. Malbecs are the best they can be, while other vines such as Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc and Chardonnay benefitted from excellent conditions. The last years have been the best harvests in the last decade in Mendoza, both in terms of quality and quantity. Great value wines!